Learning Curve #amwriting

Top 10 Lessons I learned from writing Backyard Dragons, my 11th self-published book, 2nd in a series of…3 or 4. Or maybe 6. We’ll see.

  1. High price editors who can take you on short notice are probably not worth it.
  2. When an editor either doesn’t ask or doesn’t say what they use upfront, always specify your preferred editing style (Chicago, AP, British, or otherwise) when handing over a manuscript.
  3. Selecting a release date three months in advance can be fraught with peril.
  4. Line editors should not be relied upon for content editing. They miss information while focusing on grammar.
  5. Good cover design is not hard, it’s just a matter of knowledge tempered by experience. A good eye helps a lot, as does a second opinion. So, it’s hard.
  6. I’ve been using certain commas wrong for at least 30 years.
  7. Always check the manuscript for ‘the the’ and ‘and and’.
  8. When an editor isn’t a member of the intended audience, take all their advice and commentary with a thousand grains of salt. Spoiler alert: adult men may not like this book that was written for young (in age and at heart) women.
  9. Readers unfamiliar with book 1 will generally be confused by the little things in book 2+ and there’s only so much I can do about that.
  10. I hate deadlines. (Just kidding, I already knew that.)

Backyard Dragons is the sequel to Girls Can’t Be Knights, and it’ll make a lot more sense if you read that book first. It’s now available in paperback and the ebook is available for pre-order with a release date of March 11, 2016. It’s also available on Kobo and iTunes.

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