Disappointment #RustyCon

Not only did we not get to have copies of Jeff’s Street Fair in time for RustyCon, that convention went poorly. The convention committee did a reasonable job, and the Dealer Liaison did a good job. We just saw very, very few people. Like OryCon 2015, the RustyCon 2016 dealer room wound up ghettoized in the back where one had to really make an effort to find it.

From our point of view, there didn’t seem to be more than 150 attendees. No more than 10 could be found in the dealer room at any given time. Most often, zero to three people aside from vendors walked the room. The dealer room had about 40 vendors, so it was big. Most of the panels either Jeff or I walked past had five or fewer people in the audience. Many had more panelists than audience members. Even the fan tables–which don’t generally sell anything but memberships to their events–saw very few people.

Apparently, gaming happened in some other part of the hotel. The convention reportedly had a few hundred attendees. We never saw even half of them.

As a result, the con was disappointing and we won’t be back. There are plenty of other conventions, both in Seatac and elsewhere, and RustyCon just isn’t worth it.


    1. Our next show is MythicWorlds, at the start of February. We really don’t know what to expect from it for books. So long as we break even, though, it’s all good. 🙂

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