Next Stop: @RustyConWA

OrcaCon wiped me out. I didn’t even spend all weekend there and I came home so tired I could barely think straight. Thus, a post about it in the afternoon instead of the morning. We had a very good time in Everett and are looking forward to participating again next year. The staff and volunteers did an incredible job organizing a first-year con that felt like it had learned all its mistakes five years ago. As a result, it was a great way to start the new year.

Rustycon33This weekend is RustyCon, an established convention held in Seatac. This is RustyCon’s 33rd year, and we have good feelings about it, even with its infamy. I’ll be in the Marketplace with Jeff, offering books under the Clockwork Dragon banner.

We’re hoping to have copies of Jeff’s latest release, Street Fair, the second book in the Fair Folk Chronicles. Coming soon: a cover reveal for Backyard Dragons. After many trials and travails, the book is on target for a release at FLYA in Portland, a one-day Young Adult centric convention in mid-March.

I have some anthology submissions to finish up, then it’s on to the third book in the Spirit Knights series, Ethereal Entanglements. Hopefully, that book will released in time to take to GenCon this year. Along with it, this spring holds more new releases and more conventions. In 2016, I’ll be a busy bee!

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