So Long and Thanks For All The Unicorn Meat

This weekend, we said goodbye to a place we love in Renton, WA. The AFK Elixirs & Eatery has graciously hosted us for fun book events with fabulous food on several occasions: Gifts For Geeks, I ❤ Books, Destination Staycation, and Reading in the Dark. Last night, after having their property sold out from under them less than a week ago, the AFK closed its doors for good.

I could talk about how much this sucks. It was a great place with excellent geek and gamer themed decor. The menu item names were excellent: dwarven battle bread; ULT–Unicorn meat, lettuce, and tomato; 1Up burger, spell-frizzled onions, and so on.

May it be a phoenix.

Instead, many of us who loved the place gathered over the weekend to wish it a fond farewell and entice the owners into finding a new home for what was arguably the best geeky restaurant ever. Thank you, AFK E&E, for being the place where I finally got to win for once at CAH, where I met many great people (including Jeffrey Cook and AJ Downey), and where I discovered some truly excellent new games and books.

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