Dragons In Pieces Goes Audible #audiobook

At events, people always ask about audiobooks. They’re easy to wedge into your day, during a commute, a jog, a grocery trip, or any other time you need to see where you’re going but not think too hard. Unfortunately, it’s challenging for independent authors to produce audiobooks. We’re faced with three choices: pay someone to do the whole thing for us, go in with a voice actor/producer for a royalty share, or do it ourselves.

Each avenue is fraught with peril, though of different types. I’ve wanted Dragons In Pieces to be an audiobook for a long time. I first went looking for a voice actor to split the royalties with and came up empty for talent I liked the sound of. Doing it on my own felt out of the realm of possibility due to my lack of ability, equipment, and recording space. Also time. Editing audio tracks is at least as time consuming as editing a book.

In the end, I paid someone to do it all for me so I could focus on other things. Like publishing books. Dragons in Pieces, the audiobook, was produced by Skyboat Media and narrated by the award-winning voice talent of Stefan Rudnicki. It’s been worth the wait. He’s brilliant, and I’m proud to have his voice paired with my story. Having professionals handle the whole process means it’s significantly more awesome than I could ever have managed.

Also available on Audible.

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