Reading in the Dark

Steamposium happened. We met Nikki McCormack, an excellent steampunk and fantasy writer we’ll undoubtedly see again. As with most steampunk conventions, everyone came in costume.

Our table at Steamposium 2015

The lighting was strange, with spotlights pointed more or less at the tables and very low ambient lighting otherwise. (Get it? Reading in the dark! Eh? Eh?) We put our new banners out, but can’t say how well they worked. Bell Harbor International Conference Center also has a strangely laid out first floor, the site of the vendor’s room. Apparently, it used to be a children’s museum and has lots of curved walls. This created a weird space. We made it work, aside from the seemingly random support columns.

Steampunk R2-D2 dispenses root beer. For real.


Just four days later, Jeff and I headed down for NIWA’s booth at the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show. Books turn a house into a home, amIright? I didn’t get any pictures of this event. Roslyn McFarland organized the booth for everyone and did a stellar job. As usual. Also as usual, I acquired an extremely cool garden ornament. Last year, I grabbed a reclaimed metal dragon now sited in my front yard. This year, I got something completely different:

[Daffy Duck voice] “Full thpeed ahead!!!!!!!”
Yep, that’s two woks welded together, and all sorts of other reclaimed metals. I purchased this magnificent creation–this may or may not be its permanent resting spot–from Anna Davis of Woodlawn Nursery of Portland. Sadly, I don’t dare put it in the front yard lest neighborhood ruffians steal or vandalize it. The kids here seem okay, but you never know what will tempt rapscallions to malfeasance. The dragon weighs some 70 pounds, so it gets to hang in the front. This guy is a highly portable 10 pounds, complete with carrying handle. We’ll probably put him out front for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, Clockwork Dragon will be making its first fully official appearance in full regalia at Jet City Comic Show Oct 31-Nov 1 at the Tacoma Convention Center. It’s only $10 to get in for one day. Come by and say hi!

Coming in the nearer future, I’ll be at the AFK Elixirs & Eatery in Renton, WA on October 10th with a bunch of other local authors from 2-9pm. The fabulous AJ Downey has the details on her blog. Sit down with some authors and a beer. No, really. You can totally do that here.

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