In My Copious Free Time #parenting

I’m extremely busy with all the end-game prep for the Girls Can’t Be Knights release next week. As a value-added bonus, my son suddenly decided he wants to invite a bunch of kids from his class to a birthday party for the first time (he’s 9 and soul-crushingly shy). His birthday is right before school starts in the fall, and because he’s too shy to actually get their full names and phone numbers or addresses, I have to scramble to make plans now so we can get the invitations into those kids’ hands before they disappear into the summer.

His original idea was to invite three friends over for what would essentially be a Minecraft LAN party. Ah, my dear, sweet, oblivious, privileged child. He really just doesn’t understand that everyone’s mom can’t afford to replace her laptop when the C key and Spacebar stop working (for the record, I took it apart and found repair to be improbable due to the way the innards had been set up). He got the old one, I got a new one, and everyone was happy.

I’d rather just play with Legos, but whatever. Oh, wait. You can get Minecraft Legos now. *facepalm*

One hour of explanations and negotiations later, he agreed to settle for something less with possibly more invitees. I’m not entirely certain that I won the discussion, as it will certainly not be cheap to run this production. Then again, it’s the first birthday party either of my kids have ever had, so I’ve been kind of getting off pretty easy until now.

If you’re interested, there isn’t much out there for a kid who wants a Minecraft theme party. We checked all the local stores and wound up searching online. Though I did locate some Minecraft themed invitations, we don’t have 2 weeks to wait for shipping–school ends on the 12th. In the end, we got some stickers from Amazon to make our own invitations.

Microsoft needs to get off their patooties now that they own Mojang and make some licensed party whatnot so I don’t have to do this crafting crap for Minecraft.


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