Con Crud Part 1

Thanks to the fabulous Roslyn McFarland for this picture. I'll be reading her book next.
Thanks to the fabulous Roslyn McFarland for this picture. I’ll be reading her book soon. And yes, I do have a dragon head on a plate.

I had a fabulous time at the Portland Spring Home & Garden Show as a spotlight author in the Book Garden on Thursday & Friday. This is the second of several appearances I’ll be doing this year. I learned many things, among them that I am incapable of keeping my butt in a chair for more than five minutes in this sort of situation. Also, it’s astoundingly easy to catch a cold when meeting hundreds of people in an enclosed space.

This sickness will not cause a zombie apocalypse, I promise. It’s not terrible or making me wish for death, unlike the plagues I suffered from shortly after school started for my kids last fall. I am, however, slower, less creative, and significantly more snarky for the time being. Those who know me probably have a hard time imagining me being more obnoxiously sarcastic than usual, but I can assure everyone that it happened.

In other news, I will definitely probably have a space sci-fi novel ready for release at GenCon, which is awesome. Currently untitled, it’s a doozy of an action thriller, and the outlining process is making me so excited I can barely stand the fact that I still have to finish The Greatest Sin #3 first, and get more time in on punching Dragons In Chains and Dragons In Flight into better shape. Coming soon: new covers to match the awesome of the new Dragons In Pieces cover!

I do still have three other first drafts to get back to, courtesy of NaNo2014, and they’ll be getting some love this summer, with hopeful fall releases. Yay!

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