Looking Forward: 2015

2014 started with a bang for me: three books plus a short story out by May. Then…nothing. I made a snap decision to move, then it became a move across the country, and the whole thing proved stressful and draining. I thought I’d be reading and writing the whole summer, aside from the actual move. Alas. No such luck. As a result, Harbinger suffered delay after delay, and finally made it out the door in late October, just in time for me to be sucked into NaNoWriMo.

2015 will be necessarily different. I’ve just completed a full revision of Dragons In Pieces to prepare for re-releasing the Maze Beset trilogy as a single book. The cover got a facelift which has yet to populate on Amazon as of this post. The first draft of The Greatest Sin book 3 is in process, after having had a rocky road of its own.

I can't decide if this looks better or worse than book 3 so far.
I can’t decide if this looks better or worse than book 3 so far.

Beyond that, I have a schedule with deadlines, and provided nothing goes horribly wrong, I’m going to meet them. I’ll be attending my first con as an author this summer, GearCon in Portland, and will be sending my books with a regional group to several others. I’ve met several other writers here, and have gotten involved in ‘the scene’. As I type this, I have no less than four books in various stages of completion that I expect to release in 2015. I’m plunging into harder sci-fi, urban fantasy, and even romance.

For anyone who liked The Baker of Brennan, it’s done for now. I have thoughts about cleaning it up and turning it into a book, with more of a beginning, middle, and end. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not sure if any more fiction will replace it here. One problem I discovered is that it failed to keep my attention over such a long period of time. Perhaps if I wrote one chapter per day, I could maintain focus on such a project. One chapter-ish per week took too long, and I got bored and wandered off. I’ve entered a short story competition to light a fire under me to see if that’s more my speed for this venue.

Buckle up, buttercup, because I’ve got a calendar full of scribbles, and I intend to meet every single one of those deadlines if it kills me.

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