Book Review: Call Girls: Merissa by Emma Jaye

Merissa (Call Girls #1) by Emma Jaye – 2.5 stars

Reading eBooks about BDSM sent by her landlady had become quite an obsession for shy graduate researcher Merissa. Finding out she was living in a building run by a high class call girl, and that most of her fellow residents were also ‘in the business’ was quite a surprise, but not as much as finding out they wanted her to take on an assignment.

Given a choice of working evenings in a dingy soulless call centre, or being tied up and spanked by a gorgeous rich man, didn’t seem to be too difficult a choice at first. It was going to be a straightforward arrangement, she’d give up control and he’d look after her, they’d learn together and then say goodbye. Unfortunately, being a sub isn’t as simple, or as easy as her books suggest.

The website warned that two inexperienced people shouldn’t be together, but with the support of her ‘professional’ friends, this would be alright, wouldn’t it?

Warning: Adult content includes amongst other things, spanking, sensual massage, role play, bondage, rope play and a seriously hot hero.

The Call Girls Series which follows five women as they explore the sometimes dark but always brightly passionate world of paid love. Themes in the series, but not in every book, include FTF, voyeurism, BDSM, multiples (including M/F/M and M/M/F), role play and always a seriously sexy man or two. Although not all the girls have a ‘happy ever after’ they at least a ‘happy for now’ ending.

This particular book isn’t really my cup of tea. I’ve read some assorted BDSM erotica before, and this book falls into the mold of having a submissive woman who needs dominant man, and romance ensues. The woman is relatively poor, the man is wealthy. She’s a graduate student scientist, he’s an architect. Their jobs and interests (outside of sex) are utterly irrelevant except as explanations of their differing wealth and social status.

Far too much backstory exposition opens the book. Once it gets past that, the story goes along until an odd glob of a different character’s backstory appears towards the end. I didn’t need the majority of the information, so it was wasted space.

The erotica itself is what I’d call ‘subtle hardcore’. The descriptions of the actual sex acts are spare, and it fades to black in some spots. This is not a bad thing, but unfortunately, what is there didn’t feel steamy or especially titillating.

I was at no time compelled to turn the page or made to care a whole lot about Merissa. Her thoughts and ideas interested me without intriguing me.

By far, the biggest problem with this book is its need for editing. It has numerous basic typographical errors, enough to distract from the story. My limit is about one per chapter, and this surpassed that handily. It also has jarring shifts in perspective from one paragraph to the next in a few places. Improper speech text formatting helped to further confuse me in a few places.

Because of the problems with the editing, I don’t recommend this. However, people who aren’t as picky as me about grammar who also enjoy BDSM erotica will probably like this.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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