Damsel In Distress + Cover Wars = Fun

I’ve come to enjoy the promotion that is Cover Wars on The Masquerade Crew’s site. Damsel In Distress is up for consideration until the end of May, which is a long time. The entire point of this ‘contest’ is to put the cover of a book under the noses of all kinds of new people who’ve never seen it before, and winning isn’t really that big a deal. In some respects, I kind of wish I’d known this would be delayed so much, as the Shadow & Spice cover is more fun and better suited to the season!

At any rate, please take a few seconds to check out Cover Wars (and the rest of the site, if you’re so inclined). Vote for Damsel In Distress! It takes roughly three seconds, and no login is required, just cookies. Anyone can vote as often as once a day, and I appreciate each and every single person who is willing to blow three seconds for nothing in return except the warm, glowing feeling of helping a total random stranger whose stuff you enjoy reading.

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