Spring Is Springing

Here in New England, Spring doesn’t actually start until the snow melts, which is typically sometime in April. It started this past week. Along with it, I find myself fighting off the cold I always seem to get when the weather changes. The most unpleasant part is how my eyelids twitch when I get tired. Soon, it will segue into allergies, then sunburns. Yay.

The thing I love the most about this time of year is the daffodils. Not because I have a daffodil fetish. Yellow isn’t really even a color I like all that much. You see, nothing nefarious eats daffodils. They’re the first real bright splashes of color we get around these parts, along with early tulips and crocuses. I gave up on tulips, conceding the point to the roaming gangs of wild bunnies, and crocuses are too tiny to really appreciate. But, oh, the daffodils. They’re bright signs that scream ‘YELLOW’ and ‘WAKE UP, WINTER IS OVER’.

Which leads me to the reason it’s been so long since my last Baker of Brennan update. When I started writing it, winter had its frigid claws on the world around me, so Brennan had snow. Lots of snow. A blizzard, even. One that almost killed Rose and smashed up her bakery. Now…I don’t wanna write about snow and cold anymore, I want to write about sunshine and flowers and that sort of thing.

So, what’s a season-struck author to do? I’m going to keep nudging the latest chapter and try to tie it off enough so I can skip ahead to Spring, that’s what I’m gonna do. Stay strong, it’ll come.

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