Dragons In Flight is Now Available

Dragons In Flight completes the Maze Beset Trilogy, and it’s now available in ebook and paperback, pretty much everywhere you can get books online. Looking back, I kind of regret declaring this to be a trilogy from the outset. Not that the trilogy is bad or anything, I happen to feel it’s good stuff. It’s just that now, I’m done with that story, and I feel like there are still more stories to tell with the characters. There’s nothing stopping me from treating it like a prologue to a series or a collection of standalones, I just think that, in retrospect, I probably should have set it up as an open-ended series from the start.

This particular volume took a long time (for me, anyway) to feel like I got it right; the final version bears only minimal resemblance to the first draft. It was a hard slog to make it feel complete. I’m now waving a sad goodbye to Bobby, who will probably never be my main character again. Instead, I’m taking a close look at the female characters, and thinking about making one of them the focus of a new story in that crazy world.

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