All Good Trilogies Come To An End

I wrapped up proofreading on Dragons In Flight today. Of all the parts of writing books, this is my least favorite. My method is to read the book backwards, paragraph by paragraph. That way, I don’t get involved in the story, but still see sentence structure well enough to catch (most) word omissions and other typos. It works well. It’s also incredibly boring and mind-numbing.

The book is now in formatting, which is when I remember that I have to do silly things, like write the acknowledgments and back cover copy. It’s a peculiar thing, to try to decide who should be thanked and how. I really said everything I have to say on that front for the trilogy in the first book, Dragons In Pieces. As such, this one is short and to the point, singling out just the folks who’ve been extraordinarily awesome.

It’s been suggested to me that I should write more books with these characters, and I’m thinking about it pretty hard. They are fun bunch, and I did leave open potential places to go and things to do. All I have to do now is decide which character to drive for it. I think maybe one of the women deserves her own book or two. Do you have a preference for which one?

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