Book Review: The Puzzle by @samanthajamison

The Puzzle by Peggy Edelheit – 5 stars)

Samantha Jamison, an author, revisits her husband’s past to solve the mystery surrounding his questionable death. She suddenly begins to have doubts. Was her marriage a façade? Plagued by constant questions and second-guessing herself, She digs deeper and becomes obsessed just like her husband. The question is who can she trust? Who killed him?

What a tangled mystery! This book is nonstop weaving, from start to beginning. Every time the narrator seems to have figured something out, she discovers she had it wrong, and it’s much more complicated than she thought. The story is clever and entertaining, and I wanted it to keep going.

Samantha is a delightful voice. There were a few sections in the middle that moved a little slow, where she spent time going over the same thoughts, but they were brief and barely noticeable. The rest of the cast is wonderful, a bunch of characters that feel very real. This small town is alive and full of secrets, and I wanted to know them just as much as the narrator did.

There were some grammatical errors, but I enjoyed the story too much to care, and they weren’t horribly egregious. This fun and fast paced read was well worth my time, and I’m putting the rest of the series on my to-read list. Unless you absolutely hate mysteries, I heartily recommend this book.

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