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Cover Reveal: A Curse of Memories

The Greatest Sin #5 doesn’t just have a title. It has a cover and a release date! Bask in the glory of A Curse of Memories.

It’s pretty. Pretty epic, amIright? See what I did there? Eh? Eh?

Epic fantasy!



Release date is July 11, and the ebook is currently in pre-order for 99 cents. You can find it on Amazon, Kobo, and a few other places. The price will go up on July 12th. Snap it up while it’s cheap!

If you haven’t heard of The Greatest Sin, it begins with The Fallen. Chavali, a cranky, sarcastic, and entirely fake fortune teller, hates people. Her job is dealing with them. Madness ensues. Also death, murder, abduction, magic, and prophecy. With snark. Lots and lots of snark.

That’s No Space Station, It’s a Cover Reveal

Madness! Chaos!

I’ve just completed an overhaul of the Maze Best series, and I’m rather proud of how it’s turned out. The new covers are cool (and available to be seen on the handy My Books page), and I’m working on promotional whatnot to go with them. If you run into me at one of the Cons I’m working, you’ll get to see the fun stuff I’ve cooked up.

Mmmmmm, dragon heads on a plate.

Mmmmmm, dragon heads on a plate.

While this is awesome with a side of awesome sauce, the revision, promo workup stuff, and organizing my appearances through the summer devoured my brain for the first two months of the year. However! The Greatest Sin #3 now has a title. Though the book itself isn’t ready for primetime yet, I can proudly reveal the gorgeous cover:

Chavali has 99 problems, and the stairs are at least 237 of them. As usual, there’s a murder, and Chavali’s stuck with having to deal with the irritating people who insist upon trying to solve it with her. Some days, I wonder if she’ll reach out of the book and throttle me for making her put up with this nonsense. Other days, I’m too busy cackling about her misery to care. The rest of the time, I’m sure she’ll actually go after Erik, because it was all his idea anyway.

Shadow & Spice Coming Soon

That’s no book, it’s a space station short story! I just mentioned Shadow & Spice in my last post, and now I’ve got a cover to show off. I’ll be releasing this April 14, unless something goes horribly wrong.

Why yes, I am a fan of simple covers.

This is a story about Shadow, the cat in Damsel In Distress. He’s no ordinary feline. Shadow is Connor’s familiar, a creature with the intelligence of a person and a few special tricks. He’s got the night to himself in this tale, and makes the most of it, getting into trouble like only a cat bonded to a vigilante spy can.

After writing this, I find myself interested in what happens to him and Connor afterwards. There may be more stories to come about Shadow and his human, or a book. We’ll see.