The Maze Beset trilogy follows Bobby, a young man from the Atlanta area. His life isn’t awesome, but he’s okay with it. One thrown punch cascades into a series of events that culminate with him discovering he has a superpower. A weird superpower. Not only that, but he’s just one of thirty-five new superheroes. How did it happen? Why are there men in dark suits trying to grab them all? What good are hundreds of tiny robot dragons?

All three books are available in ebook, print, and audiobook formats. Find them on Amazon, Kobo, and elsewhere. The 3-in-1 collection, Superheroes in Denim, is available exclusively for Kindle, or in print.

Nova Ranger Academy is also a superhero story, set in a different version of the modern day world than Maze Beset. A military science fiction take on supers, this standalone was co-authored with Jeffrey Cook, and we had a blast working on it.

Ben Tsukuda, AKA Captain Kinetic, has tried his best to fill the daunting shoes left by his grandfather and father. Both men served with distinction as members of the 11th Rangers Battalion of superheroes, the former in World War 2 and the latter in Vietnam. He faces different struggles in a different time, when things make a lot less sense than they used to.

Available on Amazon and Kobo.