Story of the Month

Story of the Month was a regular feature for two years. The feature has since discontinued, but all the stories from that time can now be found in Kindle Unlimited.

KW=Knight & Witch, the world of Spirit Knights
Denim=Denim Superheroes, the world of Maze Beset
Ilauris=Ilauris Tales, the world of Damsel In Distress and Al-Kabar

December 2017 (KW): Blood of Witches–Amazon
January 2018 (Denim): Frigid Shame–Amazon
February 2018 (Ilauris): The Price of Tea–Amazon
March 2018 (KW): Can’t Go Back–Amazon
April 2018 (Denim): Disintegrate–Amazon
May 2018 (Ilauris): Honor Above Duty–Amazon
June 2018 (KW): Jeanne Takes a Life–Amazon
July 2018 (Denim): Home, Wretched Home–Amazon
August 2018 (Ilauris): The Captain’s Daughter–Amazon
September 2018 (KW): Monsters–Amazon
October 2018 (Denim): Listen to the Fire–Amazon
November 2018 (Ilauris): A Matter of Conscience–Amazon
December 2018 (KW): A Cold, Hollow Place–Amazon
January 2019 (Denim): Space Angel–Amazon
February 2019 (Ilauris): Throwing Off His Shackles–Amazon
March 2019 (KW): Visitation–Amazon
April 2019 (Denim): Everybody’s Mom–Amazon
May 2019 (Ilauris): Sleepwalking
June 2019 (KW): Hexed & Confused
July 2019 (Denim): Raspberry Karma
August 2019 (Ilauris): Taking Power
September 2019 (KW): Bruja in the Bosque
October 2019 (Denim): Interpersonal Garbage
November 2019 (Ilauris): Never a Pawn

All the links above include an affiliate code for Amazon.