Story of the Month

Story of the Month is a regular feature in which I offer a free short story, from 1k-10k words on my website for one week only. After that time, the stories become available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited, or for 99 cents (USD) if you don’t use that.

KW=Knight & Witch, the world of Spirit Knights
Denim=Denim Superheroes, the world of Maze Beset
Ilauris=Ilauris Tales, the world of Damsel In Distress and Al-Kabar
TGS=The Greatest Sin

December 2017 (KW): Blood of Witches–Amazon
January 2018 (Denim): Frigid Shame–Amazon
February 2018 (Ilauris): The Price of Tea–Amazon
March 2018 (KW): Can’t Go Back–Amazon
April 2018 (Denim): Disintegrate–Amazon
May 2018 (Ilauris): Honor Above Duty–Amazon
June 2018 (KW): Jeanne Takes a Life–Amazon
July 2018 (Denim): Home, Wretched Home–Amazon
August 2018 (Ilauris): The Captain’s Daughter–Amazon
September 2018 (KW): Monsters–Amazon
October 2018 (Denim): Listen to the Fire–Amazon
November 2018 (Ilauris): A Matter of Conscience–Amazon
December 2018 (KW): A Cold, Hollow Place–Amazon
January 2019 (Denim): Space Angel–Amazon
February 2019 (Ilauris): Throwing Off His Shackles–Amazon
March 2019 (KW): Visitation–Amazon
April 2019 (Denim): Everybody’s Mom–Amazon
May 2019 (Ilauris): Sleepwalking
June 2019 (KW): Hexed & Confused
July 2019 (Denim): Raspberry Karma
August 2019 (Ilauris): Taking Power
September 2019 (KW): Gabe Steps Out