Review Policy

I will read nearly anything, including erotica, and provide an honest review here and on Amazon, Goodreads, my Facebook page, and my tumblr. I’ll tweet the review once with your Twitter handle in it if you provide it, which is also posted on my Facebook page. If you would like me to review your novel, short story, or short story collection, send me a copy of it, to Please follow the three points below, and I will read and review it as quickly as possible. In the event I can’t or won’t review it for some reason, or if I’m sure it’ll be more than two weeks before I can get to it, I’ll tell you right away*.

1. In the subject line, put ‘Book review request:’ with the title of the book.

2. In the text, indicate the genre, the word count to the nearest thousand, and a link to its page on Amazon and Goodreads. If it’s not on Amazon, give me a link to where it is, and I’ll post the review there instead, so long as I either have an account already or can add it without creating an account. Don’t forget to put your Twitter handle in if you have one.

3. I accept materials in any of the following formats: pdf, mobi, epub, or Google doc link. If your book happens to be available for free someplace (with or without a coupon code), you can send me a link to where I can download it instead of sending the file.

I do my best to explain why I’m giving the review I am, pointing out both flaws and strengths. I try very hard to be objective and to critique honestly.

As a member of The Masquerade Crew Review Crew, I follow their ratings guide, but have provided a little more detail for my personal rating style**:

5 stars: I really enjoyed it. Anything wrong with it is purely peripheral and didn’t detract from my enjoyment of it. I would happily recommend it to anyone I know who’s interested in the genre, and even folks who aren’t.

4 stars: It was pretty good, but not awesome. I’ll still happily recommend it to people who like the genre, but not to anyone who doesn’t. There are probably some minor problems with the story, such as small plot holes or a few confusing passages, or extraneous parts that could have been left out.

3 stars: It’s okay, but I’m not likely to specifically recommend it to anyone. I wasn’t turned off by it and I did like it enough to finish it. Books with nothing wrong except lots of noticeable typos will get this rating from me, as will books that give me a feeling of ‘meh’. Plot/story problems that aren’t disastrous, like pacing that’s a little off or characters that feel a little flat, also fall under this category.

1-2 stars: The line between 1 and 2 stars is harder to pinpoint. A book in this zone is one I didn’t like. I don’t normally choose to rate a book this low, instead preferring to abandon it before I finish and move on to something else without comment. Once in a while, I may choose to review a book without finishing it, but that’s a rare occurrence.

*I participate in NaNoWriMo every year. From 10/27-11/30, I do not read books, I only prep and write them. You can still email me with a request during this time, but it will be ignored until I finish my NaNo. I also participate in RAGBRAI every year, which takes place at the end of July. While I do read during that week, I don’t usually check my email.

**Goodreads labels their stars differently than Amazon. A 3 star on Amazon might be a 2 star on Goodreads. It depends on whether I felt it fell on the high or low end of 3 stars.

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